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Other School News & Events

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Games
Shamrock Games were a hit for the whole school!  We had four teams - Red Rainbows, Green Leprechauns, Yellow Lucky Charms and Blue Shamrocks. With games like Fill the pot of gold, Potato bowling, Leaping Leprechauns and more, students had so much fun ... all while working on coordination, balance and strength. 
Pioneer Day in Mrs. Tamang's Class
Pioneer Day was back by popular request from those who did Social Studies with Mrs. Tamang last year! The students made bread, baked beans and butter from scratch, and learned all about pioneer life. 
Rattlers' Got Talent Show

Thank you to all of our students who practiced so hard for their performances, and the adults who helped make our talent show such a success! 

Water Wonders

This term our school came together to learn about water topics through an inquiry based process. Each week multiage groups collaborated on a specific topic where they presented their wonderings and research to the whole school. Here is the final alphabet style poster presentation in our hallway by the library - feel free to stop by and see it in person!

Naramata Rattlers' Basketball

Basketball season has begun! Students are doing a fantastic job practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Coaches Mr. Redden and Mr. Irving. See pictures below here of Team Naramata Rattlers playing their first official game with West Bench Elementary. Thank you to all parent drivers who are helping transport students to and fro!

A special kindness bulletin board for (February) Kindness Month! During the month of February our school’s focus was on kindness and in particular, sprinkling kindness throughout our school community.  We continue to read appreciations on "Warm & Fuzzy Wednesdays" during morning announcements in which students and staff recognize others for their acts of kindness. 


Family Literacy Week 

January 23 to 27th was Family Literacy Week and as a way to encourage reading we had various events throughout the school including:


  • Dress up as your Favorite Book Character Day
  • Great Big Buddy Read
  • Bookmark Making Contest
  • Family Literacy Bingo
Thank You! to our PAC for all of your support, and for providing prizes for the Family Literacy Bingo contest!


Well done everyone!  And happy reading!!


Stop, Drop and Read!
Dressing up as our Favorite Book Characters


Grade 4s & 5s Create Their Own Islands & Tree Houses


Mrs. Tamang recently led the class creating their very own islands to learn mapping skills and all about landforms and biomes, as part of the Social Studies curriculum. Students were to imagine they had crash landed by airplane onto an island, and then further imagine what that island would look like. The task was then expanded into Language Arts, where students created tree houses to live in on their island, and write stories about their adventures. Excellent work Grade 4s and 5s!

Walk to the Beach
All bundled up for a walk to the beach, and enjoying a well-deserved hot chocolate before winter break.
This Year's Christmas Concert, "The Colours of Christmas"
Special thanks to Mrs. Claire Tamang for directing this year’s show 
and to Mrs. Blaine Gerlach for coordinating the set design and props!
December's school bulletin board:
Be Here, Be You ... Be MERRY!

A surprise RATTLER MONDAY finds our students happily sporting their new Rattler t-shirts!

Naramata Run:

We had close to 400 students in grade 4 & 5 participate in the Naramata Run!  Congratulations to all of our runners who did an amazing job at the run this year!


Book Tastings in the Library

Students enjoyed book tasting sessions the week of Oct 14-20th. This is a fun way to have students’ sample (preview) a variety of books and possibly find one or more they are interested in. Menus, place settings, dinner music, and a soothing fireplace completed the setting.

Soup Days

This year Mr. Young has coordinated special harvest soups on alternate Wednesdays, prepared by a number of local restaurants, breweries and wineries.  A very special thank you to Mr. Young and our participating businesses including Lake Breeze Patio, Legend Distilling, Hillside Winery, Naramata Pub, Neighbourhood Brewing, Cannery Brewing and the Naramata Heritage Inn.