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Outdoor Learning Events

The Great Gingerbread Man Boat Float
Div. 3 & 4 took part in "The Great Gingerbread Man Boat Float" recently, with Mr. Irving. The students were challenged to create, build and design a boat to help their Gingerbread Man float down the creek at Center Beach. This was part of the Library Learning Commons and involved the reading and creating a solution to the problem of transporting the Gingerbread man down the creek, while avoiding the fox.
Friday Outdoor Explorations:
Our K-3 continue to connect and enhance their education with weekly outdoor learning explorations, using nature as inspiration and a guide for lessons.
Hardy Falls Field Trip:
Creek Falls Field Trip - September

As we continue to find ways to move learning outside to the beautiful places and spaces in our own backyard, we are excited to be able to plan some multi-grade lessons for the whole school at Creek Park.  We will be venturing into Creek Park each month this fall with learning connected to the themes of connectedness, Seasons , and living things. 

We would love to include parents on this learning journey with us.  If you have a special skill, talent or knowledge that may enhance the outdoor learning experience for our students we invite you to please contact your child’s classroom teacher or our principal, Mr. Redden.


Start of the Year Garden Harvest

Our students have had such fun harvesting the potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, and corn that they planted in the Spring – all with the incredible help of Mr. James Young. 


Harvesting Carrots from the Garden